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Designer's Inside Out - Aman Sharma

Designer's Inside Out is a series of interviews of the most interesting creators from the design and research field. Bringing forward their thoughts about good design, their way of thinking, and doing the work they love. We have also put their work to the test using the Dhiti tool. It predicts how and where users will focus their attention and distributed it in a given design.

Aman Sharma - UX Designer - Searching for the right balance

Introducing Aman Sarma, a 26-year old based in Pune, India. He is a UX designer and researcher working with a leading User experience Lab in India. Aman started as an Associate Consultant with good experience in Design Thinking.

Skilled in tools like Adobe XD, Figma, and has knowledge of user research, biometric research, interface design, heuristic assessment, data analysis, prototyping, and wireframing.

Let’s explore the genius designer and researcher within this very kind and humble guy. We’ll be talking about good design and enjoying the whole process of it.

The objective that is laid out at the initial stage of the project should match with deliverables. .”

What defines you best?

UX Designer and Researcher.

What made you go into the design field?

The design field allows me to align my creativity with customer’s expectations. Designing helps in interacting with people and understand their problems. Searching for the right balance is both an exciting and challenging opportunity that I get to explore.

DESIGN SCORES (tested by Dhiti)

What defines a good design in your opinion?

A design doesn't have many interpretations and is made to solve or suffice users' needs and pains. I think that makes a good design.

What’s your design process? Or what principles do you follow while creating a design?

I follow a process where I sensitize myself with the business and understand the current product which helps me in identifying the users with whom I can empathize, define the problem, and set a UX vision to ideate following with a prototype and seek feedback from the users.

ATTENTION HEATMAP (tested by Dhiti)

What are the most common challenges you face while working in a design field?

From a process perspective, convincing stakeholders is the biggest challenge in terms of justifying why this is the best-suited design for their needs.

From a design tool perspective which helps me in delivering tangible value is the technological changes and updates that come very often and you have to stay abreast as well.

What is your favorite project you’ve ever done and why?

One of the most ideal projects I have encountered is for a bicycle manufacturing company. It is because when I superimpose my ideal design process and the design process followed in the project both were a perfect fit, which gave me a first-hand view of the various opportunities and challenges that each step had.

GAZE PLOT (tested by Dhiti)

How do you measure the success of your design?

The objective that is laid out at the initial stage of the project should match with deliverables. Solving the said problem of the client as well as proactively identifying and solving the bottlenecks before it has arisen marks as a success of my design

What is your biggest challenge in the design creation process?

I would consider the creation process to be up to my alley, however when it comes to conceptualizing I always rely on my team for ideas and validation. Marking it to be my challenge which I hope to overcome by undertaking more projects.

Area of Interest (AOI) (tested by Dhiti)

What are your three biggest strengths?

  1. Storytelling

  2. Research

  3. Prototyping

What kind of research methods do you use when starting a new project?

  • Secondary Research/Archival Study

  • Hypothesis Creation

  • Competitors’ analysis

  • Survey

What inspires or motivates you and why?

The design provides me an opportunity to build products that can evoke emotions (visceral, behavioral & reflective) that users can feel when they encounter/use my design.

Would you share habits/recommendations that you think are crucial for success in this field?

Updating yourself with current trends by listening to the podcast every week and following designers.

Find more Aman Sharma’s works at his Linked in Profile and case study link

Case study -

Aman Sharma's Linked In Profile -

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